Ramin Madaini

Kategorie: Damen-Doppel

12603592007w7,078TK Big Point MuckendorfMitte82
21604572002w3,542TC TullnMitte36
31894782002w4,753UTC MadainitennisMitte28
41395671999w6,109WSV TraisenMitte24
53262031988w6,569UTC Parkbad WilhelmsburgMitte16
564931978w6,702TSG St. PöltenMitte16
71168631990w7,584UTC WürmlaMitte13
81691571997w6,553TC HohenbergMitte8
81312961983w8,852SVN NeuaigenMitte8
83079282001w10,099UTC Hofstetten-GrünauMitte8
111897172003w5,815UTC MadainitennisMitte4

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