Ramin Madaini

ITN-Bereich 3,000 - 5,000

1381119Dressler Gustav2006m4,83TC Sitzenberg-Reidling118
2259779Hoxha Elias2004m4,768TK Big Point Muckendorf94
362778Spreitzer Alexander1995m3,479TSG St. Pölten70
4157924Bosch Marvin1996m4,654UTC Parkbad Wilhelmsburg67
5235756Schwarz Michael1998m3,147TC Sitzenberg-Reidling66
6199640Harreither Tim2004m3,938TC Tulln64
7129695Mitterböck Dominik1996m3,947UTC Hofstetten-Grünau52
8161695Schett Maximilian1994m4,128TC Herzogenburg50
9173351Schramek Thomas1972m4,863TC Sieghartskirchen44
1015116Mangl Bruno1985m3,55UTC Ollersbach40
1117882Aschauer Oliver1971m3,045TSG St. Pölten38
12160457Gröss Anna2002w3,542TC Tulln36
1318014Blaha Martin1979m3,168TSG St. Pölten32
1417885Aschauer Christian1970m3,801TSG St. Pölten30
15189478Mikulan Nicole2002w4,753UTC Madainitennis28
1620740Brauneder Gernot1984m3,791UTC Parkbad Wilhelmsburg16
1619218Köhl Michael1976m3,885SC Traismauer16
18122772Speck Jürgen1993m4,158UTC Hofstetten-Grünau4
1811330König Raphael1986m4,403UTC Hofstetten-Grünau4
20280605Ali Manuel2003m4,871TC Harland0

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