Ramin Madaini

ITN-Bereich 5,001 - 7,000

1296840Reichmayr Matthias1983m5,884TK St. Veit-Gölsen60
2306560Gandre Stefan1986m6,099TC Sieghartskirchen44
392505Bareuther Andreas1985m6,254TC St. Aegyd38
4407269Kern Wolfgang1968m5,804UTC Hofstetten-Grünau36
5122722Königshofer Fabian1994m6,166TC Raipoltenbach30
6377328Stippl Stefan1996m5,86UTC Langenrohr28
648638Oberzaucher Martin1976m6,818UTC Karlstetten28
8139567Panzenböck Sarah1999w6,109WSV Traisen24
9326203Landthaler Nicole1988w6,569UTC Parkbad Wilhelmsburg16
96493Wagner Isabell1978w6,702TSG St. Pölten16
11328685Grines Werner1982m6,325UTC Parkbad Wilhelmsburg12
12169157Rockenbauer Lisa Marie1997w6,553TC Hohenberg8
13129458Lampl Christopher1995m5,435ASKÖ Rainfeld7
14138542Wammerl Michael2000m5,976TC Tulln6
145695Wammerl Michael1974m6,443TC Tulln6
16397501Schinkels Frenkie1963m5,439U.Eislauf u.Tennisv.St.Pölten4
16189717Perina Jasmin2003w5,815UTC Madainitennis4
1615072Ganser Alfred1961m5,929U.Eislauf u.Tennisv.St.Pölten4

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