Ramin Madaini

ITN-Bereich > 9,000

1376061Jovicic Julia2010w10Better Tennis Club-Traisk.78
2380851Illetschko Avril2009w9,869TC Brunn/Geb.72
3407235Neumüller Mia2011w10,2TC Brunn/Geb.66
4356785Kohut Vanessa2008w9,092TC Wunderlich Tribuswinkel48
4360690Srejic Lana2008w9,701Better Tennis Club-Traisk.48
6426763Pemmer Jasmin1981w9,359UTC Emmersdorf36
7398722Piller Venus2009w9,975UTC BH Wr. Neustadt30
7398721Piller Beyonce2007w10,216UTC BH Wr. Neustadt30
9429622Mayr Marlene2002w10,088ASK Ybbs24
10381176Reiterer Marlene2007w9,382TC Union Bad Erlach12
10388041Milanovic Lara2007w9,745TC Sparkasse Neunkirchen12
10388040Milanovic Dina2009w10,028TC Sparkasse Neunkirchen12
13430022Wolf Kerstin1996w9,497USV Furth bei Göttweig Tennis8
13307928Zuser Theresa2001w10,099UTC Hofstetten-Grünau8
15413303Dreucean Daniela-Izabela2009w9,812TC VB Wieselburg0
15413302Dreucean Diana-Carolina2009w9,824TC VB Wieselburg0


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