Ramin Madaini

ITN-Bereich 3,000 - 5,000

1129606Fessl Lukas1995m3,947UTC Krems-Mitterau124
213784Haselmayer Achim1978m4,09Tennisclub Paudorf108
370910Winninger Matthias1969m4,778UTK Langenlois92
4129515Greßl Alexander1996m3,057UTC Rohrendorf80
57562Schmied Bernhard1979m4,61Tennisclub Eggenburg48
610017Holzinger Andreas1965m3,97KTK Krems40
618006Madar Markus1968m4,298KTK Krems40
812007Rohrböck Michael1988m3,163UTC Gedersdorf32
97583Maurer Martin1987m4,273Tennisclub Eggenburg24
1011976Alfons Rainer1974m4,734UTC Gedersdorf20
11139439Obenaus Christian1991m3,812Tennisclub Eggenburg12
1170664Fleischhacker Stefan1980m4,317Tennisclub Eggenburg12
11280889Parth Thomas1977m4,74Tennisclub Eggenburg12
1186263Parth Michael1982m4,742Tennisclub Eggenburg12
15198930Koll Karl1975m4,597UTC Krems-Süd4

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