Ramin Madaini

ITN-Bereich 2,000 - 4,000

1145393Vorhemus Adrian2001m2,471ULTC Raika Raabs160
212007Rohrböck Michael1988m3,163UTC Gedersdorf114
3129642Aplienz Philip1997m2,085KTK Krems84
4235824Wallechner David2004m2,302UTC Gedersdorf68
5129515Greßl Alexander1996m3,057UTC Rohrendorf56
611973Fellner Harald1975m2,649UTC Gedersdorf44
712118Auer Josef1989m3,414USV Furth bei Göttweig Tennis32
7129606Fessl Lukas1995m3,947UTC Krems-Mitterau32
9139439Obenaus Christian1991m3,812Tennisclub Eggenburg28
1017097Grünbeck Manuel1986m2,032KTK Krems12
11105522Wallner Florian1994m3,596UTC Krems-Mitterau8
11116336Müller Boris1995m3,885USV Groß Gerungs8


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