Ramin Madaini

ITN-Bereich 2,000-4,000

1236827Ungerböck Marcel2004m3,682UTC Edlitz-Thomasb.-Grimmenst.200
2138040Prandstetter Aaron1998m2,105TC Seebenstein Schiltern148
3199664Tobler Tobias2003m2,431UTC BH Wr. Neustadt118
4280166Gutjahr Leo2005m3,741TV Winzendorf-Muthmannsdf.116
5138605Höller Philipp2001m2,321UTC BH Wr. Neustadt84
6129675Svoboda Michael1993m3,157ASKÖ Wöllersdorf80
7176515Pimishofer Florian2002m3,256TC Seebenstein Schiltern48
821500Haderer Gallus1974m2,336TV Hochwolkersdorf36
9197422Badon Davide Matteo1999m3,977TV Winzendorf-Muthmannsdf.30
10235602Balazs Barnabas2003m3,289UTC BH Wr. Neustadt28
1015600Lupinski Dominik1973m3,335ATV Wr.Neustadt28
107515Glanz Alexander1978m3,435UTC Edlitz-Thomasb.-Grimmenst.28
1321314Prem Robert1982m3,396UTC TH Theresienfeld16
14145401Steiner Moritz2001m2,73UTC BH Wr. Neustadt12


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