Ramin Madaini

ITN-Bereich 3,000-5,000

1282283O'Brien Benjamin2003m3,628TC Wunderlich Tribuswinkel40
1296320Karadzhaeva Mariam2002w4,894BMTC-Brühl Mödlinger TC40
3188960Kasper Emil2003m3,658TC Brunn/Geb.36
4323942Fiala Jonas2004m4,54BMTC-Brühl Mödlinger TC22
5211679Kogler Nicola2005m4,311TC Wunderlich Tribuswinkel18
6269462Rothensteiner Liel Marlies2005w4,204BMTC-Brühl Mödlinger TC16
7145555Rössel Peter1997m3,962TC Wunderlich Tribuswinkel12
7145178Bokor Veronika2000w4,198TC Bakl Weigelsdorf12


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