Ramin Madaini

ITN-Bereich 2,000-4,000

1177701Semmelmeyer Matteo2002m3,648ASK Ybbs146
2235943Gundacker Jonas2002m2,276UTC VB Waidhofen/Y.120
372525Sieghartsleitner Lukas1990m2,153UTC VB Waidhofen/Y.84
4198972Steinhauser Robert2000m2,24UTC Sparkasse Scheibbs40
556952Florian Jürgen1972m2,978UTC VB Waidhofen/Y.16
5145673Kalteis Jakob2001m3,436UTC Sparkasse Scheibbs16
520066Haider Günther1975m3,722UTC VB Waidhofen/Y.16
8232419Hausberger Gregor2003m2,335UTC Amstetten4
8176614Wiesinger David2001m3,601Tennisclub St. Valentin4
887325Leitner Yannik1992m3,758Tennisclub St. Valentin4


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